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» Traditions - ShantiMayi - 'In Our Hearts We Know' - Interview by Iain McNay
ShantiMayi is a rare being in that she embodies that living 'Principle' that resides within us all. She is the only westerner, as well as the only woman ever to carry the grace of her lineage of exceptional Indian sages around the entire world. This lineage is said to date back to the beginning of this universal cycle and exists solely for the purpose of the enlightenment of all beings. Her talks are forums of inspiration where she and the assembly have an opportunity to address the concerns questions and discoveries that people bring to this precious time. Central to every meeting is a spiritually stimulating exchange among sincere people. ShantiMayi eclectically draws upon the quintessence of many traditions: Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, and the Aboriginal Tribes of the Americas and Australia. Though this is so, she speaks from her own direct spirituality and points us back to ourselves. She says she is not religious and is not against religion as such. Whatever awakens us to 'Truth' is in fact 'the way'. It is our own spiritual discovery, from within us and in our lives that brings us to the light of our heart-wisdom. ShantiMayi inspires to enliven the wonderful potential within us all. In this interview she talks about her life and her work.
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