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» Traditions - Paul Harris - 'Postcards From Beyond' - Interview by Iain McNay
Paul suffered from depression and was full of fear and self-doubt when he was younger. His saviour at that time was Indie music and his guitar. He then spent time in India and at one time just 'gave up.' 'The release was truly remarkable. It was like I was freed from my body completely. From the root of my being all the way above my head I just opened up completely. I was no longer 'Paul' or even human.' But his depression came back again in time and he was again miserable and unfulfilled. He found the Aukana Buddhist Monastery in Wiltshire in the UK and moved in for full time training. He meditated for 4 or 5 hours a day and developing mindfulness. For 9 years he pretty much lived on an acre of land. He now leads the monastery. 'I teach the way I have travelled so I know it works. The enlightened mind does not crave for life to be different.'
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