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» Traditions - Miek Pot - 'Into The Great Silence' - Interview by Renate McNay
Miek was living a full life when she spontaneously decided to enter one of the strictest Monasteries within the Catholic Church - the Carthusian Order - where life was lived in SILENCE according to the "Desert Fathers". In the Solitude of her hermitage Miek lived her life in silence for 12 years with great discipline and focus on her practice; without that one is soon left at the mercy of the "Demons" of one's mind; without structure one can go mad. After 9 years she had her great Awakening, her perspective completely shifted and her old image of God was smashed. It took her 3 years to leave the Solitude and Silence and go back to the "Market Place" and live her Awakening. She is now a Guide to help people find their own way into the Great Silence.
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