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» Healing LS - Ken Lloyd - 'Life Story' - Interview by Iain McNay
Whilst at school Ken volunteered at the local psychiatric hospital, which changed his understanding of the world. He entered art college, through surrealism (i.e. dreams) and discovered Jung and Eastern philosophies. He then left the path of art and lived in a community in pursuit of yoga and meditation. In 1978 he entered a Buddhist monastery and ordained as novice monk and spent time in UK, India, Burma, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand studying with various meditation masters. Whilst a monk he experienced acupuncture and herbal treatment as a direct alternative to western medicine. In 1980 he entered the College of Chinese Medicine and subsequently spent a considerable time training in Chinese Medicine at various Hospitals in China. He is now one of the UK's leading teachers and lecturers on Chinese medicine. Ken talks in this interview about his life as well as the benefits of Chinese Medicine.
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