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» Advaita - Ellen Emmet - 'The Body Of Presence'
The body is not an idea or an image. It is this sensation, now, flowing in your Presence. This Presence is the matrix of all thoughts, sensations and perceptions. It is not located inside a physical body or anywhere else, yet we think and feel that it is. The body is not limited or separate from an outside world, yet we think and feel that it is. During our session, we explore the experience of the body as if for the first time. We allow postures, breath, visualizations and movement to unfold freely. Hidden resistances, habitual feelings and physical contractions are given the space to dissolve naturally. Gently, the body is revealed in its original state as aliveness.
» Advaita - Ellen Emmet - 'The Body Of Presence - Part 2' - Interview by Renate McNay.
Ellen talks about her life and her work as a non-duality yoga and movement teacher. She did record Part 1 a couple of years ago which was a practical demonstration of her work. This is also under the Consciousness/Yoga section. She has a unique way of encouraging the body to enter a non-dual space.
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